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Innovative Park Project by Horizon Properties Group Utilizes Artificial Turf for Always Green Public Park



Thanks to the innovative application of synthetic turf by Southwest Greens, the new park inside the Southpointe Town Center is covered in low maintenance, always green, artificial turf.

“It’s somewhat unique for the area” said Harry Marshall of Southwest Greens, who installed the turf. On the benefits of the turf, he continued: “There is no down time, it can rain all week and the park is still usable right away, families and children will never get muddy. There is also the benefit of never needing fertilizer that can be potentially harmful, and it always makes a nice appearance.” Horizon CEO, Rod Piatt said, “We really wanted to do something innovative that would provide year round use for the employees and residents of Southpointe. This is a great outdoor space that you have to see and experience-whether seeing a concert in the park or kicking a soccer ball with your child.”

Also inside the park is a bocce ball court featuring a shorter turf that is open for all to play, weather dependent.


The Street at the Meadows


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